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Software Development

As our company's core product, we will build lean, efficient, connected utilities.  This will allow your teams to be more productive, and your analytics groups to get the most out of the gathered data.

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We have been working with business partners for years providing our experience in how to implement software and technology to increase employees productivity and morale.

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Application Ownership

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quick and accessible support to applications that we have created and those developed by others.  We can take ownership of the application requirements of a broad range of business software.

Our Services

We utilize our business and science background to meet business needs in several areas.

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All About Us

We at Ioun Tech specialize in rapid application development tailored to the needs of our business partners.  We are experts in automating R&D lab and testing processes.

We started as part of an IT company providing Procter & Gamble software solutions for their lab personnel.  Since separating from our parent company we have continued to provide unparalleled solutions for our previous clients, and also started spreading our wings to fill software needs of other clients.